Borrower FAQ:

  1. How do I rent a product?

    Renting on our platform is easy peasy! Simply log on to our website or app, browse through our categories of products and select or just search for the product using the search feature. You can also choose from a list of available packages and add it to the cart.

  2. Why should I rent?

    We at RentSetGo believe in providing more experiences with minimum expenses- something possible by the simple act of renting! Why spend loads of money on a brand new expensive DSLR that will barely see the light of day? Let RentSetGo save your day and your money too! Simply rent these lesser used products instead of buying them, that too at extremely affordable prices! Allow us to give you a hassle free renting experience that is high on convenience! Don’t sweat it just rent it!

  3. Is there a minimum period for which I need to rent?

    Most of our products are available for rent for a minimum period of one day to as long as even a month or a year. Yes, you read that right! However, to fully understand the rental period for each category, do read the “Terms and Conditions”.

  4. How do I know the product I want is in good condition?

    We care for you and only want you to experience the best! Hence we have carefully chosen each of our lenders, through an internal QC verification process so that each time the product goes out for rent it is in a pristine working condition.

  5. I’ve found what I’m looking for, now what?

    Awesome! Once you’ve raised your request, just sit back and relax while we check on the availability of your product. If available, we will confirm the booking and your product will be ready for you to rent☺.

  6. How can I make the payment?

    Payment can be made online through our payment partner PayU.

  7. Great! Can I get the product delivered and picked up?

    Yes you can! By simply paying additional shipping charges, we’ll have the product delivered right at your doorstep and we’ll pick it up too. However, you can go and pick up the product from the lender without paying any additional shipping charges. Once your booking is confirmed, we will be sharing the lender details with you and you can contact them to understand where to rent the product from.

  8. Do I need to submit any ID Proof or other documents while renting a product?

    Yes, to ensure a greater level of trust and security the lender will collect one (or a couple) of the following documents - Passport, Driving license, PAN card with Aadhar Card, Voter ID.

  9. Is there any Security Deposit I need to pay as well?

    Yes you will be charged a refundable security deposit that varies from product to product. This Security Deposit will be refunded within 5 days post the return of the rented equipment. Once the lender does an initial QC of the product the security deposit will be given back to you after deducting any damage charges if there is any damage.

  10. What happens if I damage the rented item by accident?

    Oh Oh! We trust that you will take complete care of the product that you have rented, but should it be damaged by accident, then the damage cost would be adjusted with the Security Deposit you have paid. In case, the security deposit does not cover the damages, you will be expected to pay for the remaining expense.

  11. I can’t find what I’m looking for on the website.

    Well we sure hope you don’t ever have to face this dilemma, but hey if you do, worry not,email us at hello@rentsetgo.co, mentioning the details about the product that you wish to rent and we promise that our team will work super hard to make it available on the platform. Yes, we love you!

  12. What happens if I cancel the booking?

    Once an order is placed and the vendor details are shared, no refund on the booking fees shall be provided.

  13. What happens to the Delivery charges if I cancel the booking?

    If the order is cancelled 48 hours prior to the Order Start Date or earlier, we shall refund the entire Delivery Charges. If the order is cancelled less than 48 hours prior to the Order Start date, we shall charge a partial cancellation fee - 50% of the Delivery Charges to the customer.

Lender FAQ:

  1. How do I list my product on the platform?

    Listing your products on the platform will take just a few minutes! Simply log on to the website or on the app, fill in your profile information, upload photos of the product and give in as much information as possible.

  2. Who decides the rent for a product?

    ou, you and only you will decide what the rent should be. However, we would encourage you to set a price that is genuine and can be most reasonable for an individual to rent it from you. PS: You could check out the current rental rates for similar products on our website or app to get an idea of the current market rental rate for your product.

  3. Will I be charged for this listing?

    Nope absolutely not! Listing on our platform is completely free of cost.

  4. So how does RentSetGo make money?

    We make money only when you do. We charge a nominal fee for every order placed through us. Our goal is to help you make the most of your underutilized asset.

  5. I just listed my product, but how come I can’t see the listing immediately?

    Every listing on our platform undergoes a strict quality check and is approved by RentSetGo before it goes live on the platform. We also ensure that each product has complete description and has the right photos uploaded.

  6. How do I know that my item will get returned to me in the same condition it was sent in? Or how do I know the user will not steal my items?

    RentSetGo as a platform endeavors to add maximum value to this aspect of the renting cycle. Our proprietary technology enables us to identify our users best suited to join our trusted community. We aid the lenders in making the decision to rent out their products to the end consumers as seamless and secure as possible. We encourage our users to verify themselves on our App. Also we highly recommend that as a lender, you request for Security deposit amount suggested by us as well as one original Photo ID of the user for the rental period. In case of any damage or any loss of the product, RentSetGo will mediate between the 2 parties to come to a mutually beneficial solution.

  7. How will I receive any query for rent?

    As soon as we receive a query for your listed product, we will contact you via notification on your RentSetGo App, email and at times via phone (though calling is not our preferred mode of communication as we know you are very busy and we wouldn’t want to disturb you either).

  8. How do I get an order confirmation?

    Once you have shared your product’s availability via App or Email we confirm the booking for the user. At this point we will be exchanging your information with the user.

  9. How will I receive the rental payment?

    If the user has opted for COD, you will be receiving the entire rental fee less transaction fee at the time of product pickup. You will also have to retain the security deposit that will be given by the user. If RentSetGo receives an online payment, we will be transferring the same amount to you via bank transfer at the end of the rental period.

  10. What happens in case the order is confirmed but nobody shows up to collect the product?

    In the event that a borrower does not come to collect the product and has not paid rent to you, 50% of the advance booking fee will be transferred to you.

  11. Can I cancel a booking once I have confirmed it?

    Oh no! We understand that some last minute unforeseen events could mean that you might not be available to hand over the product yourself. In the event that this happens, please make alternate arrangements for the user to receive the product at the designated time and day. We want to ensure the best experience for both you and our users.

For any queries drop us a line at hello@rentsetgo.co